Fun in the Sun

Derek and I just got back from a great getaway with our friends, the Hetricks, to Florida. It was a time of firsts for us, as Derek had never been to Florida OR to the Atlantic Ocean, and neither of us had ever been to the Gulf of Mexico.

Apart from the 50+ hours in the car on the way there and back, we spent lots of time playing pool volleyball, swimming in the Gulf (no oil!), jumping waves and boogie boarding in the Altantic, and touring all the must-see places in the Tampa Bay area, like the Skyway Bridge, Ft. DeSoto, Ybor (Little Cuba), and eating at different mom and pop’s seafood restaurants.

August in Florida is HOT and HUMID. The Gulf was about 88 degrees when we went swimming, so it didn’t offer much refreshment from the 100-degree heat index. But the Atlantic Ocean was so fun, and I got to try boogie boarding again, which was a blast!

Here are some pictures of our time down there:

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One response to “Fun in the Sun

  1. GREAT pics! Looks like a fun trip…almost as fun as our trip to CA 16+ years ago. I seem to remember some pretty awesome boogie boarding adventures from way back then. 🙂

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