Babysitting Josiah

A couple weeks ago, we got to babysit one of our nephews, Josiah, for the evening. He was pretty cool as he strutted (while riding in the stroller) his baseball cap on sideways for our walk around the lake. When we got home, he modeled one of the winter hats that I just finished knitting for a different nephew.

Josiah LOVES to play rough. He loves to get tackled and to wrestle and get thrown down. He also loves to get picked up by his ankles and tossed onto couches. So, we got a video of Derek playing with him, and Josiah has the cutest giggles! Halfway through, he finds his blanket (deedee in Josiah lingo) and gets a little recharge…

If the video doesn’t appear, click here.

One response to “Babysitting Josiah

  1. He is SO cute! what a joy it must have been!

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