August Support Update

Hi Everyone! Well, August is already here! Our summer has been flying by with deputation travel and normal summer activities.

We just got our August support level update, and 60% of our monthly support is now IN! And 40% of our one-time expenses are now IN! Please continue to pray that the rest of our support will come in, so we can leave in September! If you break down the rest of our current monthly support team needs, it looks like this: If 18 people gave $25 a month, 18 people gave $50 a month, 5 people gave $100 a month and 1 person gave $200 a month we would have in the rest of our monthly support team! Would you consider being on our monthly support team?

Also make sure you check out some of our new videos: “Would you be the 1%-Summer Video Update,” “Remembering the Children of the Street in Lusaka,” and our new website tab about Zambia!

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