Would you be the 1%? – Summer Video Update

6 responses to “Would you be the 1%? – Summer Video Update

  1. informative update guys! nice job! you are so tech-savy…
    you are in our prayers, especially as August draws close!

  2. Thanks for the update Derek and Kristin! Happy to hear you’re at 57%. We’ll keep praying that the rest will come in quickly.

  3. Dad and Mom

    Thanks for the informative update. We are thankful for you and your sensitivity to God’s call on your lives. May He bless you with patience and joy.

  4. Gordon Fischer

    Thanks for the update. This is a very personal way in keeping all of us informed

  5. Madeline Melville

    I would say that God has indeed blessed you with patience! Keep going, we’ll keep praying. Our STO is set up with the UK office as was our one-off donation. Hope to see you soon at Heathrow, en route for Lusaka. Saw the Huckaby’s off yesterday. We love you.

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