What Defines You?

Last week, Derek and I were up in Duluth celebrating our 4th anniversary. On our way out of town, we stopped at Caribou for some coffee and an apple fritter to split (highly recommended). As we got in line, there was a lady talking to “herself” in a very loud voice, saying, “I’m helping the environment with my reusable coffee holder.”

I commented to Derek as we pulled out of the parking lot that I am so thankful for people who are environmentalists, animal-lovers, good citizens, conservationists, and the like. I am thankful for them when I know that they are not defined by them.

One such person that I am thankful for is Katie Hayward. She is passionate about the Maninka in Guinea, West Africa – passionate for God to build a church there and raise up a people for Himself there. She is jealous for Jesus Christ and His name to be spread throughout the world.

Those who know Katie know those things about her. Those who know Katie well know that she is a somewhat obsessive recycler, a well-informed and engaged citizen, a conservationist, and even an environmentalist. But those things do not define her.

What defines you?

One response to “What Defines You?

  1. Amen. One of my recent post from my blog(Bella’s Musings) is on a song. It talks about who your identity is found in. It is like you’re talking about, “Who defines you?” CHRIST!

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