4 Years of…

Wedding Day

Joy – There is nothing like being married to your best friend. The last four years have offered many of my greatest joys, if only because each joy is doubled and completed when shared with Derek. Some of these joys are both of us completing college, victories in loving each other well, traveling with each other (whether it’s to church every week or it’s to Zambia), eating cheesecake for breakfast or drinking coffee on the deck during the evening, praying together, tearfully passionate about people in Zambia knowing Jesus…

Growth – It would be a lie if I said that marriage was all gain with no pain. Whenever two sinners become one flesh, there will be bumps along the way. Thankfully, we know that these bumps make us better, more loving, more self-sacrificing, more humble, more Christ-like.

Sleepovers – One of the best things about marriage initially, and even still (!!!), is that we don’t have to say ‘goodbye’ to each other each night. Every night is a sleepover! We love to hangout together, and even after four years of marriage, we have not gotten sick of our sleepovers. In fact, I think we’ve only spent 5 nights apart.

Blessings – This goes along with the ‘joy’ one. I am so thankful and feel very blessed to be married to Derek. I said this in my vow to Derek on our wedding day, and I say it again, “Indeed, two are better than one.” I love how Derek completes me with his many strengths and that I get to complete him as well. We thank God so much for the goodness he has shown us during these four years and lift up our cup to ask for more.

Just for kicks:

Here are the vows that I made to Derek on our wedding day four years ago. Although, I barely was able to say them through all the tears. But it is good for me to reread these every so often to remember and keep myself accountable to what I promised.

*Derek, it is an honor and a joy to take you as my husband. I stand in awe of God’s kindness in bringing us together, and I thank Him for the blessing that you are to me. You have become my best friend and the love of my life. I love your compassionate yet uncompromising character. Indeed, “two are better than one” – God has used you to lift me up when I fall, encourage me when I am discouraged, correct me when I am wrong, and point me to Christ when I get distracted.

On this day, in the presence of God, you, and these people, I solemnly and joyfully enter into a marriage covenant with you alone. With God’s help, I promise to be a faithful wife to you and to respect, submit to, and love you in my speech, actions, and attitude. I will seek to walk in a manner worthy of Christ’s calling, with humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with you in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in our marriage and to fill our home with the aroma of Christ. As long as God gives us breath, I am committed to you, even through times of sickness and health, adversity and prosperity, and in good times and bad. I also promise to support you in prayer as you lead me and to submit to you in everything as I submit to Christ. May God deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates us. I love you so much, Derek, and I am delighted to become your wife on this day.*

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One response to “4 Years of…

  1. Isabella Molesky

    WOW! Congrats! I can’t belive it’s been 4 years. Last time I saw you, you were single.

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