Just a Penny

When I was in Zambia before and was working with street kids, a friend from the States wrote me and said something I will never forget. He said that every time he saw a penny on the ground, he would pick it up and say a prayer for me and the street kids.

Street kids in Zambia (and everywhere) are basically worthless…just like dirty, old pennies on the ground. No one stops to pick up a penny here…and no one stops to pay attention to street kids.

But what if we did pick up pennies? What if we had a special jar or empty ash tray in the car to put our pennies? And what if we prayed for the street kids and the AIDS orphans and the AIDS widows and the people dying alone without hope from AIDS every time we picked up a penny? What if…?

God might do a thousand things that we will never see or hear about. God might burden your heart for the “pennies” of the world every time you add another penny to the collection…which might lead you to serve them someday in ways you never would have otherwise dreamed.

One response to “Just a Penny

  1. ”’and no one stops to pay attention to street kids.” and some of us is like it is written on the back that street kids so that wherever you go people call you street kids.it so sad auntie kristin that where i work as a cleaner @ lusaka hotel they know my background……..they take advantange of my backgroud anyway…..i really cant wait to see you in zambia my kristin.
    we will go to church again together, will have photos….

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