26 Years Ago…

A long time ago (well, 26 years ago) in a land far away (well, the middle of Wisconsin), a doctor in a small rural hospital said those three words that would change my life forever: “It’s a boy!!!” Okay, so those three words didn’t really change my life, but that boy did!

Derek Stephen Dearth. DS Dearth. Double D. Dexter. Darryl. Whatever you call him, I sure am glad that I get to call him my husband.

And on today, his birthday, I am just going to publicly thank him for a few of the things that make it wonderful for me to love him…

Thank you, Love, for starting my car almost every time I need to go somewhere, especially on really cold mornings.

Thank you for loving missions and Africa and the poor.

Thank you for listening to all my half-baked thoughts and not laughing at me (most of the time).

Thank you for providing fully-baked (sometimes burnt) thoughts to our conversations.

Thank you for leading our home with servant-humility and strength and wisdom.

Thank you for not being intimidated by me.

Thank you for loving to donate to things like earthquake victims and tsunami survivors.

Thank you for your vigilance in organizing the office (even though I can’t find anything anymore!).

Of course, all of these things are evidence that God’s Spirit lives in you…so, I praise God for His work in you and His goodness to me in you. I love you!

One response to “26 Years Ago…

  1. Happy Birthday, DD!!!! I'm so glad God gave Kristin to you. God knew exactly what He was doing. He's so wise!

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