We’re Alive!

After a three month reprieve from blogging, we’re making an attempt to get back into it. Looking back over the last half of 2009, we couldn’t figure out what it was that threw us into such a tailspin. Was it the friend’s wedding in CA in July? Was it the 2 week trip to Zambia in August? Was it Derek starting his last year of college in August? Was it the week of orientation in WA in September? Was it me getting not 1, but 2, RN jobs within a 1-week period in October? Was it beginning missionary support raising? Or was it being asked to help co-lead our wonderful small group?

It has been a busy time for us, and it doesn’t seem that there will be a slow down anytime soon! But we hope that we’ll be better at keeping you informed with all of the things going on, especially as we ramp up for heading to Zambia later this year.

One response to “We’re Alive!

  1. wow – you two are busy bees! So glad part of your busyness was coming out to CA! Yeah!And Praise God for your two jobs!!! That's awesome! Wow!!!! That was one of the things I was going to ask you when we talked…sheesh, I guess I could call you instead of leaving your multiple blog comments….

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