As I have gotten older and traveled the world and lived in a developing country, I have become more passionate about things like Fair Trade. Simply, Fair Trade is paying more for a product, so that workers in developing countries can be paid fairly.

Today, I am promoting a not only Fair Trade product, but an organic one as well (ooooohhh-aaaaahhhh!). But before I tell you about this product, I have to say that I am not one of those fanatic type of Fair Trade people or even organic people, where I won’t buy something unless it is Fair Trade or organic. Like the other day, Derek and I bought Rwandan Fair Trade coffee from Caribou – it was not good. Perhaps my palate was too delicate for it, but it just tasted burnt. If I am going to pay more, I want it to be good!

That’s why this product I am going to tell you about is so good. It is Fair Trade, organic, amazing, and Zambian – how much better can something get???

So, what is it? Zambeezi – organic beeswax lip balm. It really is the best lip balm out there. I just ordered a few for myself, and was reminded why it is so good. The super-soft, great-smelling balm is like a luxurious spa treatment every time I put it on. (Notice in the pic how full the tube is…even after using it a bunch!)

If you want to try some for yourself, go to or if you want to find out more about where the proceeds go, go to

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