The Day My Computer Quit Working

Just about anyone who owns a Mac understands how much fun PhotoBooth can be. For those of you who don’t know what PhotoBooth is, it is a program that lets you take pictures of yourself on the computer, and you can even use special effects if you want. (I highly recommend this for parents who need a babysitter – PhotoBooth has been known to entertain children for hours on end).

I was finding great delight in taking pictures of myself this evening with PhotoBooth when all of the sudden it “quit unexpectedly”!!!…………….Well, I guess I see why – I would shut down too if I had to look at this…

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2 responses to “The Day My Computer Quit Working

  1. oh my goodness – LOL! You're a RIOT Dearth!

  2. Now THIS is why I absolutely LOVE you {well, there's other reasons too…but this just happens to currently be at the top of my list}

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