When I fall, I shall rise!

Several weeks ago, we posted about our poor little Honda that got rear-ended and then totaled. After buying our car back from the mean, insensitive insurance company, we diligently searched for a compassionate, careful auto-mechanic to piece back together our faithful car. Jim, over at Chuck’s Autobody (we don’t know why it’s not called Jim’s Autobody, since he’s the only person who works there), came to our rescue.

Jim knew we meant business and that we wanted something too good to be true: our sweet Honda back in road-worthy condition for $400 or less.

Well, 24 hours after releasing our little puddle jumper into Jim’s greasy, yet gentle, hands, we received the phone call that she was ready for discharge. What will we find? we wondered, How will she look? we questioned, and How much will it cost? we conjectured.

To our delight, our little Honda looked almost as good as new – well, not quite. But it was good enough for us, and it was $400. So, here’s to you, Jim! Thanks for your compassion and care.

Now, we not only get to drive our beloved car again, but we also get to practice humility while doing it in our new “humble-mobile.”

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