Palm Trees + Ocean + Wedding + Sweet Ride = Jollification

My friend, Gina, who was my roommate in Zambia for one and a half years, is finally getting hitched this weekend! That will be a happy day, indeed, and Derek and I get to fly out to San Jose to celebrate with her and Shawn.

Derek has never been to the ocean before, so we are making sure to take a day trip to San Francisco and visit Pier 39, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, wind down the coast to find a good swimming beach, and then head back to San Jose. Of course, it almost goes without saying, that since we will be staying something like 4.1 miles (give or take a few feet) from Apple world headquarters, we will at least stop by for a photoshoot…but we may pitch a tent outside the front entrance. We’ll see.

In God’s providential goodness, He arranged for us to drive a 2009 Range Rover Sport during out stay! We feel so blessed and excited for all the fun things that will fill our next 5 days. Stay tuned for pics and stories…

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