Our Poor Little Honda: Tribute to Our Faithful Car

For my whole life, I have had to drive big cars – Chevy Caprice Classic station wagon (“the white limo”), Mercury Grand Marquis (“the beast”), Ford Aerostar (Eddie Bauer edition, though!), Buick Caprice Classic (“the boat”), etc. You can see why I loved our little ’92 Honda Civic. Even though it was outdated, had no A/C, had 208,000 miles, was a mullet car (Derek can explain), and had manual locks and windows, I loved that little car (emphasis on little).

Well, I still love it. It is not dead yet, but it had a near death experience yesterday when we got rear-ended at an intersection. We are praying that the insurance company does not tell us that the cost of fixing the car exceeds the cost of the car (i.e. getting totaled). We’ll see, I guess.
I found a song that the Beach Boys wrote about a Honda…so, here’s to you, Little Honda!

I’m gonna wake you up early
Cause I’m gonna take a ride with you
We’re going down to the Honda shop
I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do
Put on a ragged sweatshirt
I’ll take you anywhere you want me to

First gear (Honda) it’s alright (faster faster)
Second gear (little Honda Honda) I lean right (faster faster)
Third gear (Honda Honda) hang on tight (faster faster)
Faster, it’s alright

It climbs the hills like a champ
‘Cause my Honda’s built really light
When I go into the turns
Lean with me and hang on tight
I better turn on the lights
So we can ride my Honda tonight

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