70 Years of Marriage

On April 22, 2009 my grandparents, Elmer and Hilda Dearth, were married 70 years! My grandfather was 21 years old when they got married, and my grandmother had just turned 17. The year was 1939. Hitler and World War II were just getting started. My grandparents have seen a lot of history in there marriage alone, not to mention their lives.
I could mention a lot about all the historical facts that they have lived through, but instead I want to mention some things that I love about my grandparents. There are many more details to these points, but here is a snapshot.
1. They love the Lord. On my grandpa’s desk, ever since I can remember, there has always been a Bible open, and my Dad tells stories of going into town and my grandfather always talking about the Lord with everyone.
2. They have true grit. Times have not always been easy for my grandparents. They lived through the Great Depression. They also lived and worked on a farm in north-western Wisconsin and raised five children there.
3. They are truly nice and kind people. Both of them are always quick to smile and have a kind word. Even now as my grandfather is having a hard time remembering people, his natural reaction is to smile and shake your hand.
4. Their commitment to each other. I am sure that their marriage has had ups and downs and really hard days, but they have stayed committed to one another and honestly love each other. My grandma in her 80’s is taking care of my grandpa.
The Bible says that marriage represents Christ’s relationship to the Church. And by the way my grandparents have lived their lives and the time that they have been married, I believe their marriage represents this truth, though it may be dimly. I am am forever grateful to my grandparents for the love that they have shown me and the example that they have lived for all of us.
Here is the slide show from their anniversary.

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