Some reasons why I love road trips

Kristin and I were able to go to Appleton, WI the weekend of March 21-22 and see family and friends, and we had a wonderful time. I was also able to preach that Sunday at my home church, and being there, as always, is a tremendous grace and encouragement for both of us.

This upcoming Thursday (April 2) – Sunday we are going over to Mt. Pleasant, MI to visit Kristin’s parents for a few days, which should be a lot of fun. For me, a lot of the fun is just the traveling part, not to mention spending time with family.

Here are some reasons why I love road trips:

1. I love spending time with Kristin. The Appleton trip was 5 hours one way, and the Mt. Pleasant trip is 12 hours one way. I am a huge quality time guy, so I get filled up getting to talk with Kristin for hours on end and listen to sermons together.

2. I love to drive. I would drive around the metro here for hours if I could afford the time and gas. It’s just a lot of fun for me.

3. I love scenery. Some people say that you should take a book on a road trip because scenery is boring, but I like it. Especially the trip out to Mt. Pleasant – we are going over the Mackinac Bridge on our way through the Upper Peninsula and then through Chicago on our way back. It’s a good dose of nature and city scenery.

4. Driving gives you a good time to sit and think – two of my best things. J

5. I love going somewhere…anywhere. Because I am going to school online, I am home all the time and need to get out and see other places.

6. I love coming home from trips. You can’t love to come home until you go somewhere.

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