How I Came to Derek’s Rescue

If you have ever seen the movie “While You Were Sleeping,” you might remember the part when the older brother came out of his coma in ICU and was being transferred to the regular unit. As the younger brother wheeled him to the elevator, the older brother revealed the truth about his heroic rescue of some baby squirrels (or something) that had fallen out of a tree. First, he threw a rock at the nest of squirrels to knock it out of the tree…and then he rescued them.

This morning, Derek woke up freezing and shivering. What did I do? I snuggled up next to him and draped my arm over him and pulled the covers up and warmed him up. I thought it was pretty nice of me, especially since I wasn’t cold at all and was actually quite warm. It was only after we got out of bed and turned the light on that we realized I had stolen all the covers in the night, and they were mostly laying on the floor on my side of the bed.

Hey, at least my heroic act was not knowingly malicious! 🙂

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