Some Things Should Not Be LIMITED EDITION

I know that this whole LIMITED EDITION thing is huge out there right now. You find limited edition cars, DVD’s, watches, iPod (U2 Version), video games, clothes and so on. Almost every PT Cruiser that I see on the road has a LIMITED EDITION badge on the back. But there are some things that should not be “limited edition,” and one of them is a phone book. That’s right! We got a “Limited Hardcover Edition” yellow pages the other day for the South Metro. By making a phone book that is “limited edition,” the uniqueness of “limited edition” has lost almost all meaning. Am I suppose to take my phone book to my neighbor and be like, “Yeah, look at the cool phone book I got – that’s right I got the LIMITED EDITION! It’s a collectors item, you know!” Only problem is they got the same phone book that I did, so it’s not really “limited edition,” because everyone got them and they last for a whole year, so isn’t this the only edition?

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