A Dark Night With No Dawn In Sight

The economic and political state of Zimbabwe is no secret to many. The power-sharing deal between long-time President Mugabe and recently-sworn-in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (sounds like Chang-ger-i) has been precarious, at best.

Throughout the draining struggle on behalf of Zimbabwe, PM Tsvangirai has relied heavily on his wife, Susan, for support. “She was a pillar of strength to [her husband]…[and] a mother figure for the whole nation.” Tragically, just two days after her husband was sworn in as Prime Minister, she was killed in a car accident in Zimbabwe.

Together, the Tsvangirai’s had celebrated 31 years of marriage and had 6 children. In a statement today, the Prime Minister said, “I want to thank God for giving me 31 years with my wife…We know that we shall all die, but let’s celebrate the life of Susan because we have gone through trials and tribulations together.”

Pray that God will be Mr. Tsvangirai’s portion and satisfaction during this heartbreaking time and that God will use this death to bring spiritual and physical relief to Zimbabwe.

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