25 Reasons to Love Derek on His 25th Birthday

1. He loves God
2. He loves the Word of God
3. He love me
4. He loves the nations
5. He is compassionate
6. He freely gives of himself and his time
7. He is a servant
8. He is a hard worker
9. He has an impeccable memory (this is good AND bad!)
10. He thinks critically
11. He knows what time it is (this is also good AND bad!)
12. He is one of the least picky people I know
13. He loves vegetables
14. He starts my car for me almost every morning
15. He is always trying to improve at what he applies himself to
16. He likes road trips and traveling
17. He watches Little House on the Prairie (even when I’m not home)
18. He loves the movies of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell (Pride and Prejudice – the A&E version, Wives and Daughters, North and South…)
19. He loves kids
20. He wants to adopt from Africa
21. He is addicted to the Albert Mohler Program
22. He started listening to John Piper’s sermons online every week when he was 17
23. He is a clean freak (borders on obsessive-compulsive…carries a dry dust rag in his back pocket at all times)
24. He loves big storms
25. He is a major coffee-lover
(I’m just getting going…I guess each year I’ll get to add more!)

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