Many people have been asking me (Kristin) about my preceptorship – the final clinical experience I will get before graduation. It is a 10-week clinical, in which I am paired with one nurse at a local hospital, and I work with her/him to care for patients over the course of at least 80 hours during these 10 weeks. Several months ago I requested either a basic med/surg unit or an oncology unit. Normally, oncology wouldn’t be my first pick, but because Derek and I feel God is leading us to work with HIV/AIDS in the future I thought it might be somewhat beneficial – even if only for the experience of working with people who have terminal illnesses.

The other day I was specifically praying that God would give me whatever preceptorship would serve me the best for my future as a nurse. And this morning I just received an email from my instructor, saying I will be on the oncology unit at the hospital where I am already a nursing assistant! While I know it will be challenging, I am really looking forward to the experience and putting my skills, knowledge, and gifts to work there.

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