Kony, Killings, Christ

Back in 2004, the Invisible Children campaign brought to international attention the atrocities in Uganda under Joseph Kony, where tens of thousands of children have been abducted and many more people have been killed and ravaged. Two days ago, Kony made the headlines as “one man who has terrorized Africa for over 20 years.”

Horrific acts continue to devastate Uganda and parts of Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many children are abducted and forced to either join the Lord’s Resistance Army and kill or else be killed by their friends. Young girls are forced to be sex slaves to the officers. Civilians are either brutally killed or mutilated – the major trademark of this army is to cut off a person’s lips, nose, and ears. And all of this is in the name of forming a theocratic government in Uganda.

Recently, the Ugandan army has increased efforts to capture these rebels, but in the meantime there is an increase in attacks on villages and civilians. When I read the article that expounded on this, I was overwhelmed with sadness and almost a sense of desperation for God to make it stop. Please, would you join me in praying for an end to the brutality being caused by Joseph Kony and his rebel soldiers, as well as by other rebel groups in DR Congo and Sudan? Would you pray that God would be near to the homeless, mutilated, enslaved people there, and that they would find hope in God? And would you pray that Jesus would come quickly, so that all of the injustices around the world would be done away with forever?

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