Manna in Malawi?

Our friends (the Burns family) in Malawi posted this story and we thought we would share it with all of you.

“Last week, we were returning from a trip to Lilongwe to apply for Elsie’s visa. It is a long, curvy, bumpy trip over a poorly maintained road that is clogged with bicycles, pedestrians, and animals of all kinds. We rarely make the trip without seeing a nasty accident – thank you for your prayers for safety! Actually with fuel at $7.50 per gallon, we rarely make the trip at all! Elsie is worth it. As we were returning to Ntcheu, we noticed that there were children lying all along the side of the road. It seemed strange, until we noticed the “snow.” Seriously, that is what the sky looked like. As it had just finished a good long rain, the termites were swarming. Malawians call them white ants, and they were thrilled. Just like God’s people of long ago, they were enjoying the free food that God had sent. Yep, just plopping them, wings and all, right into their mouths. Usually, they prefer to roast them, but times are tough, and people are hungry. The children were laying on the ground, catching these insects as they came out of the ground, or collecting them as they landed (termites don’t fly for very long). Okay, I think I would have preferred the “wafer” version of Manna, but for these hungry tummies, the protein version was a gift from God.”

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