A Bag By Any Other Name Is Still a Bag

Cement bags, trash bags, biohazard bags – what do these bags have in common with each other? For millions of babies around the world, these bags become their coffins. People are appalled to hear stories from Africa of live (and dead) babies found in cement bags in a trash pile or thrown in a pit latrine. Yes, that’s right to be appalled. Babies don’t belong in bags.

In America, we have fancy red plastic bags with big black triangles on it that we put our babies in, sometimes in pieces and sometimes whole. A story from Florida just came out about a young first-time mother who “concluded she didn’t have the resources or maturity to raise a child,” so she did what countless other mothers do – listen to the women’s resource clinic and “terminate the pregnancy.” (Of course, there was no mention of adoption as a possibility, but that is another topic for another day).

This would be just another sad story, until it gets worse. The mother delivered too quickly and gave birth to a healthy, premature 23-week baby girl. One of the clinic owners’ stepped in to finish the job by cutting the cord, putting the baby and placenta into her red coffin and letting her bleed to death. Tie the bag, throw it in the dumpster, go home, have dinner with the family…all in a days work. Except, babies don’t belong in bags – cement bags or fancy red plastic bags.

The lines get way too fuzzy at this point, don’t they? How difficult it must be to continually defend the killing of babies. Please, let us keep praying for the day when abortion will be considered as unthinkable as slavery is now.

An appropriate way to close this, I think, is to show you a little friend of ours, whose mom had tried to give a cement bag burial. Mercifully, God did not want Silas to die there, and he was rescued and adopted into a wonderful Christian family.

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