Death Takes a Holiday? not this Christmas…

Perhaps I am just getting older and wiser or perhaps the world is just filled with more suffering – whichever one it is, this Christmas more and more horrific situations around the world seem to be manifesting themselves. When I was in Zambia for Christmas several years ago, I thought that death and suffering were supposed to take a vacation at Christmas. But, as usual, God opened my eyes to show me how much BIGGER He is than that. If death took a holiday, who would need a Savior? Instead, an angel of the Lord came to shepherds on a hillside – some of the shepherds may have just seen their wife die in childbirth or their child die from malnutrition or were forced to become the family’s breadwinner at age 13. We don’t know know what kind of a day those shepherds were having, but we know what the angel said to them: “…Behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for ALL the people. For unto you in born this day…a Savior.” The shepherds’ immediate suffering was not addressed, but something so much more important was – their need for a Savior. The best news in all the world for everyone this Christmas is that Jesus Christ was born to be our Savior. May you find Him to be sufficient for all your needs this year and then share this good news with others.

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