Pastors We Love (part I)

There are several pastors in our lives who we love and want to publicly acknowledge on this Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Our current pastor – John Piper. We are so thankful for his dedication to preach the truth. We love that he lives what he preaches. And we are amazed that he can remember the names of people he meets.

2. Our former pastor (but a current pastor at heart) – Wade Hetrick. We have learned much through him about serving the local church with wisdom, discernment, and lots of Christ-like humility. He loves his family like nobody’s business. And we love that he takes very seriously his role of preaching the Word at Community Church.

3. Our future fellow missionary – Tracy Singleton. We LOVE that he and his wife shepherded their church in Mt. Morris, IL for many years and then moved to Zambia to train pastors. We are thankful that he is not too proud to spend his knowledge and training in Zambia. And we love his dedication to preach and teach the Word wherever he is at.

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