Thankful…for what?

Our (good) economy!

What?! Did I just say good economy? Yes! There is always someone in the world worse off than me, and thinking about that can often help me to be full of thanks instead of full of complaints. And unless you live in Zimbabwe, you might find something about your economy to be thankful for, too…

-We don’t have to dig for crickets to eat as our only meal for the day (over 50% of Zimbabwe’s population will need food aid in December, and most are only getting one scarce meal a day at best).
-We have hospitals and clinics readily accessible (most of the hospitals and clinics in Zimbabwe have closed, so people who are sick go to the hospital to die).
-We have morgues and funeral homes who can take care of those who die (bodies are piling up in morgues because no one is there to prepare or bury the bodies).
-We can take as much money out of the bank as we want and buy as much stuff as we want with it (Zimbabweans can only take out $1.66 a day, and one loaf of bread costs $1).
-We have schools for children to attend (most children in Zimbabwe have dropped out of school to look for food or to focus on survival).
-Our US $ is fairly stable (Zimbabwe has seen 231,000,000% inflation in the last several years).
-A homeless person on the corner of 11th St and 3rd Ave in Minneapolis makes more in one day than a working Zimbabwean does, that is, for those who still have jobs.
-We have a president, not a power-hungry dictator…errr, I mean, president (President Mugabe is responsible for this whole mess).

Need I say more? This year, I am thankful for our GOOD economy, even if we are in a recession.

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