Why Online?

I (Derek) have been asked by quite a few people about going to school using the online format through Moody Bible Institute to get my bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies. Mostly the questions are about if I think I am getting a good education. One of my professors did a pretty good job of summing up my feelings on the subject (below). Not that the online format is perfect for everyone, but it does have some benefits (and not just that I can “go to school” in my pajamas or that it’s extremely eco-friendly since I don’t have to drive anywhere). Also, I would say that I am getting an equal education to those in the formal setting. It’s probably not for everyone (like my wife), but it’s not as “hard” as some might think.

I’m a firm believer in this type of education for lots of reasons. It is efficient (both for schools and students). It is accessible (so those who need it most can get it). It offers unique interactivity (much of which is unparalleled in the typical classroom). It respects your primary learning community (family, home, church, neighborhood, job) by letting you learn in the contexts in which God has placed you. Online education has some similarities to the New Testament which I describe as a distance learning tool itself. When God wanted to build His church, he inspired a few key leaders to write instructional material that was sent to local leaders for development right where God’s people were. It sounds something like our correspondence and online courses! -Dr. Steve Kemp, Moody Bible Institute

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